PAT WATERS (Advanced Level 3 Pilates, Gym, GP Referral and British Association of Cardiac Rehab Instructor)

Pilates is a gentle “thinking” exercise, helping your mind and body to work in harmony to produce a mobile, healthy, toned and flexible body.  The primary focus is on posture and the abdominal muscles, strengthening the central core.  It is suitable, and indeed recommended for chronic back pain sufferers, and will aid weight loss by increasing muscle mass, thereby improving metabolic rate.

Pilates is suitable for all age groups, fitness levels, men and women.  For the more mature exerciser it can slow down the signs of aging by encouraging joints and muscles to be more pliable, making everyday movements easier.

Women who have experienced childbirth will benefit as Pilates incorporates the all-important pelvic floor muscles.

People who participate in sport or any of the performance arts will find the extra core strength and balance enhance their enjoyment, increase level of performance and decrease chance of injury.

Pilates is also very relaxing.  It requires intense concentration so that negative thoughts or worries are pushed to one side.


  • Increased muscle, tendon and ligament strength associated with joint stability
  • Improved lower back and joint stability, reducing likelihood of further damage
  • Increase of lean muscle tissue and metabolic rate, thereby indirectly aiding a weight loss programme
  • Improved bone density in specific areas of the skeleton when placed under load
  • Increased range of movement through the joints
  • Improvement in everyday function, such as lifting; carrying; climbing stairs; getting out of the bath; standing from a chair unaided
  • Pilates does not produce bulky muscles but encourages a long and lean physique
  • Improved balance
  • The controlled, deep breathing that accompanies the exercises oxygenates the blood leaving you feeling good afterwards
  • Pilates is perfect exercise for the ‘baby-boomer’ generation as it provides a full body workout without the wear and tear.


 Suitable for Anyone and Everyone

  • Anyone wishing to return to exercise after a break or taking it up for the first time
  • Chronic back pain sufferers
  • Anyone with a weight disorder
  • All sports participants, especially those who have suffered injuries as a result of an imbalance in their muscles
  • Performers for whom good posture is vital, such as dancers, actors and musicians
  • The more mature person wanting to maintain independence and mobility
  • Sufferers of both stress and stress-related illnesses
  • People with Repetitive Strain Injury 


Interested in a class?

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